This site looks at poisoning – including by indoor air pollution – as the cause of ME. Symptoms arise as the body can no longer breakdown substances called biogenic amines.
Significant fresh air exposure, whilst not a cure, does help some ME patients.



Poisoning and Biogenic Amines – the cause of ME?

This theory proposes that ME arises from the poisoning of those enzymes in the body that breakdown neurotransmitter-like substances called biogenic amines.

The resulting build up of biogenic amines causes many of the symptoms of ME, from dysfunction in the energy producing mitochondria of cells, to gut and neurological problems.

The biogenic amines also allow micro-organisms to flourish in the previously less colonised upper parts of the gut. These micro-organisms themselves produce biogenic amines. Thus a vicious circle is set up enabling the development of persistent (chronic) ME. Anything that leads to micro-organism overgrowth in the upper gut – eg. a virus infection or stress – can trigger a sudden onset or relapse.

One poison source is suspected to be indoor air pollution – possibly the combination of formaldehyde and ammonia gases. Measures to significantly increase fresh air exposure of patients may thus be beneficial.

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Fresh Air

How much fresh air exposure is needed?

Pitch a tent for a two-week camping holiday, or open the bedroom window at night?



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ME Patients: what effect has significant fresh air exposure had on you?
Researchers: can you help develop this theory?

Research opportunities in: environmental medicine, enzyme inhibition, amine biochemistry, intestinal microbiota, the intestinal luminal metabolome and the serum metabolome.


Whilst this theory can explain the many symptoms of ME, it is just a theory. There is as yet no proof – no evidence from scientific studies of ME patients. Thus no part of this website should be taken as a recommendation of any particular treatment. The theory’s author has ME, but is not a member of the medical profession. The aim of the site is purely to allow ME patients to share their past experiences of fresh air exposure, and to promote scientific research into the cause of ME.
For medical advice consult your doctor. Information on ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – sometimes known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS) can be found at Action for ME

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